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The Fuji computed Radiography XL-2 & XC-2 are Digital radiography systems utilizing storage phosphor Imaging Plates (IP) as an x-ray detection device. The two models require only 2.41 square feet of floor space, enabling them to be sited under countertops or in exam rooms behind control panels, aiding sites that have limited space or could not otherwise accommodate an in-room reader.

FCR units scan and process x-ray image information from an IP that has been exposed using a cassette-type x-ray stand. This system can also print out hard copies on film via a connected Dry Imager and transmit digital images to PACS.

The FCRs provide chest, abdomen, spine, head and other plain x-ray imaging as well as canal, bronchial tube, urinary organ and other contract medium x-ray imaging. FCR XL -2 systems include the capability to perform Pantomographic exam.


Choose the FCR system that best fits your practice.



The CR30-SP+Package introduces AgfaHealthCare's newCR 30-X digitizer, an exciting new table top CR designed specifically for the smaller practice. The compact and convenient CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain, providing seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

The CR30-SP+ Package is economically priced and includes features that provide the same high image quality and advanced functionality of packages with more expensive full size models, because every patient deserves the highest image quality technology can deliver without compromise. Loaded with easy-to-use NX software features, designed to optimize workflow and make patient care your number one priority, this great package comes complete with the software and hardware you need to Go Digital today.


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