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Computed Radiography (CR) - uses very similar equipment to conventional radiography except that in place of a film to create the image, an imaging plate is used. Hence, instead of taking a film into a darkroom for developing in chemical trays, the imaging plate is run through a computer scanner to read and digitize the image. The image can then be viewed and enhanced using software that has functions very similar to conventional image-processing software, such as contrast, brightness, and zoom.

The new Digital Radiography (DR) system offers advanced digital imaging and networking features, as well as the flexibility of multiple wall stand and table configurations (see photos to left).  The industry's first commercially available digital bucky retrofit application, this system provides digital x-ray images.  Featuring the industry's largest imaging area (17" x 17"), the system is ideal for healthcare providers desiring a completely new x-ray system or those seeking a convenient economical upgrade of existing systems.




QV-800 Digital Universal System


Quantum Medical Imaging is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality medical radiographic systems, both digital and conventional, for hospitals and imaging centers.


Our innovative design concepts, such as the QV-800 Digital Universal System, have revolutionized the industry by offering superior performance and enhanced diagnostic capability.


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