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Florida X-Ray is your full line x-ray imaging company. USX distributes and services all major lines and accessories on a direct basis.  We offer state-of-the-art x-ray systems and supplies for veterinarians.




Orthopaedic X-Ray System
Amrad's fully integrated system is specifically designed to meet the demands of today's orthopaedic x-ray procedures. Each component of the Amrad orthopaedic system - generator, table, tubestand and wallstand - has been designed for long term durability under heavy patient volume conditions.


A 5 year manufacturer's warranty demonstrates our confidence and protects your investment.


Amrad's world class system components include:
- Deluxe elevating four way float-top table with reciprocating bucky.
- Floor mounted transverse/rotational tubestand with tube trunnion capability.
- Unique trayless self-centering wall cassette stand. Choice of quality, high performance x-ray table and collimator.
- Selection of dependable, user-friendly high frequency generators.





C-Arm X-Ray


The new generation Mobile C-arm is an ideal X-ray system to provide fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging for a variety of clinical procedures, including applications in orthopedics, urology, general surgery and gynecology or minimally invasive procedures as well as gastrointestinal surgery or vascular intervention


The counter-balanced C-arm provides for fast, easy and precise X-ray positioning in every plane of projection while allowing enough room for the proper positioning of the patient.


The laser targeting device is another option working in cooperation with the laser aimer placed on the image intensifier for accurate positioning, at the same time avoiding unnecessary radiation.


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