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Florida X-Ray is your full-line x-ray imaging company. USX distributes and services all major lines and accessories on a direct basis. We also have pre-owned X-ray equipment for individuals on a tighter budget. All the quality - Half the cost! We offer flexible purchase as easy as possible!




BENNETT offers Chiropractors the highest resolution digital radiographic images available in the industry.  The Direct Digital IMAGER System meets the challenges of increased exam volumes, stringent operating budgets and staffing shortages - all without the use of film, chemistry, cassettes or expensive imaging plates.  
Digital radiography eliminates film use, the need for dark rooms, storage space,  processing and chemical disposal.


Standard features and benefits of the IMAGER System include:

  • 1)
    Superior resolution and image quality provide better diagnosis and ensure the highest quality care for your patients.

  • 2) Ultra fast image acquisition allows you to examine up to 3 times more patients each day. This feature alone boosts efficiency and directly enhances the profitability of your practice.

  • 3) The 17 in. by 17 in. image area is the largest in the industry and provides for easy positioning for any size patient.

  • 4) High efficiency receptor ensures you do not need to use excessive dose to obtain a quality image.

  • 5) The industry’s best warranty; 2 years on digital receptor, 7 years on all other.


 - 100 kHz High Frequency Chiropractic Systems -


DC-1 systems lead the profession and meet the unique application requirements of rare earth film and screens. Complete spinal imaging is easily performed without re-positioning the patient. Examples of popular options to the DC-1 include:


Tilting Bucky Structure with gear-driven adjustment, ideal for upper cervical images. Conventional Vertical Structures for 17” x 17” or 14” x 36” film cabinets.


Select a generator:

HF-300 - High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 30 kW rating, 25-300 mA, 40-125 kVp, Anatomical Programming.


HF3-SE - tored Energy (110 Volt) High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 30 kW rating, 25-300 mA, 40-125 kVp, Anatomical Programming.


HF-400 - High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 40 kW rating, 25-500 mA, 40-150 kVp, Anatomical Programming.


  • - X-Ray Tube: 200,000 heat units, 0.6-1.5 mm focal spot, 180 degree horns
  • - High Voltage Cables: one pair, 15 ft. length
  • - Tubestand: floor to wall with tube angle indicator, counterbalanced, lead counterweight, operator hand grips, electric locks and 6 ft. floor/wall tracks
  • - Tube Support: 1 ½” yoke and rotational tube mount
  • - Vertical Frame: with front panel, side rails and counterbalanced for
  • - 17" x 17" receptor with electric locks
  • - Grid Cabinet: stationary, 17" x 17", heavy duty
  • - Grid: 17 1/4" x 18 7/8", 10:1 ratio, 103 LPI, 40" to 72" focal range
  • - Cassette Tray: 17" x 17", heavy duty
  • - Collimator: manual, swivel mount, tray centering light, certified





An innovative x-ray system designed to meet the needs of chiropractic radiography. Its integrated carriage design links the tubearm and image receptor, insuring the central x-ray and x-ray film are always aligned.


The ChiroSelect tube carriage provides effortless patient positioning for all radiographic exams. The ChiroSelect optimizes efficiency and performance by allowing chiropractors to tailor the x-ray system by selecting options to meet individual needs.


The Synergy 200 utilizes leading edge 200 kHz High Frequency technology. Delivering a full 30 kW of power, the Synergy 200 is designed to maximize radiographic efficiency.

The Synergy 200 features a user-friendly operator console. Anatomically programmed, the operator simply selects an area of interest, the radiographic view and enters the centimeter measurement,  resulting in easy technique selection

The Synergy 20 kHz High Frequency Generator delivers 30kW of power, meeting the radiographic demands of any clinical practice. An easy-to-use operator console offers 2-point technique selection. Providing hundreds of mAs selections, the Synergy is a long-lasting investment.


C-Arm X-Ray


The new generation Mobile C-arm is an ideal X-ray system to provide fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging for a variety of clinical procedures, including applications in orthopedics, urology, general surgery and gynecology or minimally invasive procedures as well as gastrointestinal surgery or vascular intervention


The counter-balanced C-arm provides for fast, easy and precise X-ray positioning in every plane of projection while allowing enough room for the proper positioning of the patient.


The laser targeting device is another option working in cooperation with the laser aimer placed on the image intensifier for accurate positioning, at the same time avoiding unnecessary radiation.


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