Veterinary X-Ray


Florida X-Ray is your full line x-ray imaging company. USX distributes and services all major lines and accessories on a direct basis.  We offer state-of-the-art x-ray systems and supplies for veterinarians.




The InnoVet DXR system provides veterinary medicine the highest resolution digital radiographic images available.


The InnoVet DXR system has many of the distinctive features and options Veterinarians find most useful and convenient that made the InnoVet the #1 veterinary system in the world.  The power of the High Frequency generator with anatomical programming provides the operator maximum ease-of-use to make imaging fast and simple.


1) From the monitor, select the anatomical region
2) Select your desired view
3) Select your patient's thickness


As a stand-alone imaging workstation, with the optional InnoVet mini-PACS, or integrated into an existing PACS, the flexible InnoVet DXR system is ideal for any clinic.


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